Services we offer

Master Keying

We are able to offer Master Suites on our Cisa padlocks.  In situations where there are a large number of individual, keyed to differ locks having one Master Key, which can open any of the locks, means the Master Key holder only has to carry one key for an entire suite and will never have the issue of not knowing which key opens which lock.

Cisa padlocks are designed to be attack proof.  It is expensive and difficult to have a Cisa locks cut off, with a Master Suite this is never needed. We keep records of all Master Suites we create for our customers. This means that high value locks don’t have to be replaced if keys are lost, additional keys for that lock can be cut.  We can also supply replacement/additional Master Keys.  

We stamp all keys with the lock number and a 2 or 3 letter prefix to denote customer and/or area as required.  We can also stamp the locks with the key number and the customer name.

Keyed alike sets

A common requirement for CISA container locks is for Keyed Alike sets. To make ordering repeats simple we retain records of previous orders. Additions to Keyed Alike sets are checked against our records and then added to them, for future reference. 

Lock refurbishment

Our customers will often end up with a graveyard of locks that have served well but now have possibly seized due to age and/or contamination or with missing or broken keys. Where we have supplied Master Key suites we can refurbish the padlock and return it with a new lock number, within the existing suite and corresponding, newly cut keys. The benefit of buying a nearly indestructible lock is that it’s life span can be increased even further with a cost-effective refurbishment.

Replacement keys

We can quickly supply replacement and/or additional keys for CISA padlocks, so losing keys or having additional users is never a problem.

For any of these above services please call our Sales team and someone will be happy to help sort these out