The buyer shall inspect the products immediately on delivery and shall notify the seller (Italian Locking Systems Ltd (ILS)) within three days of delivery of any loss, damage or discrepancy. Failure to do so will bar any claim for breach of contract.


We will accept goods ordered in error provided they are returned within seven days of receipt, are in their original packaging, suitable for re-sale and the delivery note or invoice number is quoted, all with the exception of code keys. Code keys are cut individually to the customer's requirements. We are therefore unable to accept the return for credit of keys that have been incorrectly ordered or are surplus to customers requirements. This also applies when ambiguous information is given at the time of ordering. Carriage is non-refundable on any items which are ordered in error.


Our policy is to replace faulty goods without charge. We cannot be responsible for labour or any consequential claim in respect of faulty merchandise. Neither we, nor our servants or agents will be under any liability in respect of defects in goods delivered or for any injury, damage or loss resulting from such defects, whatsoever and however caused and whether such injury, loss or damage be by direct or consequential means and not withstanding that the same may be due to the negligent act or omission of ourselves, our servants or agents, and our liability under this Clause shall be in lieu of any warranty or conditions implied by law as to the quality or fitness of any particular purpose of such goods. Goods will not be replaced after a period of 90 days.